Live in New York

by SassafraZ

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released December 4, 2015

Recorded LIVE at The Bitter End in New York, NY
Mixed by Aaron Oakley at George Barrie Studios

Jack Gould - Sax/Vocals
Zach Pontzer - Guitar/Vocals
Jake Goldberg - Bass
Thane Evans - Keyboards/Vocals
David Freeman - Drums/Vocals
Ian Carroll - Guitar



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SassafraZ Columbus, Ohio

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Track Name: Rude Dude
Who's that dude, acting rude, behind the podium.
I hear him saying nothing at all.
It's not all fine down here man
Mission accomplished, not at home.
A girl can't walk these streets at night alone

Don't need eyes to see
if it's not you or me
then there will never be
a time that's truly free
no opportunity
we're under scrutiny

Everybody (everybody)
shares the blame
We can't just sit and wait on it (wait on it)
or we'll wait in vain.
Just hoping for a savior (savior)
to lead the way
But no one's coming back for us (back for us)
We've got to make a change
before it's too late.

Who do I see on TV setting the agenda
some arrogant fuck who knows nothing about me
How do I feel inside, mostly apathetic
So how do we wake up and find a way to fight.
Track Name: Live, Rock, and Roll
God damn I feel good
I'm up for the show
We got in the van and got good to go
We've only got ten minutes til we head for the stage
Watch out people, get ready to rage

Hey baby, do you think you've got what it takes
Can't you see, now baby please
you know you'll never be first place
Call me crazy, you say you want to live rock and roll.

God damn I feel good but are you up for the show?
Are you ready to leave it behind?
Are you sure you know?
We've gotta get from the Gutter to the Bitter End
We'll be gone for a while, can you handle that friend?

Hey baby, do you think you've got what it takes
Can't you see, now baby please
you know you'll never be first place
Call me crazy, you say you want to live rock and roll.
Track Name: Your Mind's Eye
Everybody was passing as we were laughing at a quarter to four
When it comes down to it you just gotta get more
And you're never gonna make it if you can't really fake it but you've just got to try.
When it comes down to it, it's all in your mind's eye.

After all we've been through we have finally got in the zone now
We've got a funny feeling that you won't wanna go home now
After all the waiting, anticipating, we've got a message for you
Don't ever let anybody tell you you can't do what you wanna do.
Track Name: Welcome to A-Town
When I was growing up just a little kid, well I was living in, this dump called Cleveland
The times were hard, the streets were mean, life was bad, the tribe was bad, the browns were bad, but the cavs were rad
I need to leave get on a bus.
Find my train, I've had enough.
Quit my job, I'm on the run
Just a lonely jew in the city
Just a lonely jew on the run
Just a lonely mister with my pretty picture of my place under the sun

Gotta keep New York funky
From the morning until the night you know
Gotta keep New York funky
Oh, fo sho

Welcome to A-town where our heads are lifting off the ground
Just getting down to the sound
We like to party, love to party, party hardy, let's get started, won't get carded on a weekday
Let's hit the town, shuffle round, to the sound, of a funky band playing nice and loud.
It's the Mecca of the human race, until we get to outer space, and make Athens II on the moon.

Welcome to A-Town it's the best town for a show down, every body put your hands up in the air
We like the white funk, like the skunk funk, like the purp funk, anybody need some funk it's in the trunk.
Welcome to A-town its the best down for a show down, just let that funk fly, and keep your hands up to the sky
We're all excited, you're invited, take a ride on, that nasty funky machine as it spins out of control.
Track Name: Zach's Secret Party
I think I might go out to a party, but am I cool enough
It's getting kind of late so let's get started
Do you got my stuff?
I'm getting real excited for this party
I'm feeling real high and I'm ready to hit the road

I think I might go out to a party, but I can't feel my face
I stumbled out into the hallway, I've gotta leave this place
I don't think I can get me to this party
I feel like I should lay here in the hallway.

I woke up in the hallway last night.
Tip toed passed the girl's bathroom
A hand reached out from within it
pulled me inside the girls bathroom
the inside was as big as a museum
There were ladies everywhere you should have seen them
There were elephants on bouncing balls and lights of every kind
drinks flowed like a waterfall and dancers blew my mind
When I woke in the morning I thought that it was a dream
but I had streamers in my pocket and pics in my photo stream.

Do you want to go to that party?
Do you want to go to that party?
Do you want to go, do you want to go to that party?
Do you want to go to that party?
If you wanna go, you've just got to let me know.
Take my hand, that's the plan, baby let's go.
Track Name: Lenny Kravitz
The things that I have experienced lead me to believe that it's not okay.
To realize your full potential but not act upon it, gotta rearrange
your priorities in life, gotta line em up right, can't be wasting time.

What you do to me is make me realize what I can be.
You make it plain to see, aint nobody's gonna stop this train.

Get up!
It has finally come to this
Get up!
You know that it's time
Get up!
We were never meant to miss this opportunity for you and me
Keep on!
We are finally on our way
Keep on!
Come and you'll find
Keep on!
Our higher selves will finally meet and lead a new life

I find myself acting like I shouldn't.
I told myself I would but I was too low so I couldn't.
But now that I have you in my eyes
I see a different life.